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System checkpoint

Robust video analysis in Face Recognition, Car LPR, ID card reader, objects,

events so on. in real-world surveillance videos is a challenging but important issue

due to the needs of practical applications such as security monitoring. While current

video surveillance systems in checkpoints perform well in relatively constrained scenes

, They tend to suffer from variations in pose, illumination or facial expression in real-world

surveillance videos. In this Patent, we make a method for recognition in real-world

surveillance videos by AI deep learning.







Smart Security Checkpoint by AI offering the most advanced technology to identify threats and potential attacks. Powerful and easy to use a system for both basic and advanced needs.. Except for regular user and device management, it has a lot of optional advanced intelligent features, Such as below.









Face Detection and Recognition System

Deep Learning Technology for quick and accurate recognition The camera
detects a face in the scene and sends the face snapshot to the system then
analyze the face and compare it to a face database of millions of the faces
images in order to recognize the person The system can perform differen
actions based on the detected person. White / Black list When the Whitelist
compared successfully it can be used for gate and door and time attendance











 LPR Licenses Plate Number

High ANPR accuracy, plate number capture rate by video recognition rate 95% With
built-in intelligence video analytics, the system is able to d recognize moving vehicle's
plate number in low speed less identify of the black/white list access control by barrier
gate and 40K.M/h than











  Under Vehicle Surveillance   

The solution provides high-resolution view of the vehicle undercarriage easier to see any
threatening objects that may be hidden on top of axle or crossbeam   
the body of the camera is waterproof IP67 can be work with all weathers














ID Card & Biometric Reader

The system support ID card reader use to access the barrier gate and

doors also can be pop-up all the .person and car information in the display
















 Body Worn Camera

When the Whitelist compared successfully it can be used for gate and
door opening Face recognition attendance card .punching and other devices












Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera Support GPS & Life Video Connected with
Control-Room Body cameras worn by police can be useful for documenting
police misconduct and use of force, but footage can also be used to surveil
both people that police interact with any third parties who might not even
realize they are . being filmed













Control Room


One Platform supports the analytics a variety of analytics capabilities
-:as follow Video Analysis - Object monitoring Missing object 
Left items - Camera tampering
Camera shifting - Lens tampering - Camera masking
(Line crossing, Sterile area ,People intrusion, People counting .People gathering

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